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How to help city schools by engaging parents

As I read the commentary, “Parent involvement key” (Dec. 28), my mind flew to the arts in public schools drawing parents to see their children perform. Putting on music classes, band, orchestra and visual arts as well is a real draw to bring parents to school and into their children’s classrooms, education and future.

The very parents being addressed by You Too Can, Inc.’s parental engagement activities may be ones who are struggling to make ends meet and had hard times in poor public schools but with incentive will enter the doors of their children's schools by school planned shows (and suppers, too). Throughout the school year, students excited by the special engaging areas of arts and physical education would have incentive to come each day to school and invite their parents and guardians to show what they know.

Along with school day arts, afters-school programs need to be funded as well. Planned late-day meals in schools will allow time for student shows in early evening and will take concerted community education for schools and parents. Asking Baltimore’s higher income communities to help fund our struggling ones could be a winning program for all. Our brilliant children are our future and they deserve to have reason to love school.

Theresa Reuter, Baltimore

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