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Can Baltimore do nothing to stop the homicides? | READER COMMENTARY

Baltimore City Police Commissioner Michael Harrison, flanked by City Council President Nick J. Mosby, left, and Mayor Brandon Scott, right, addresses the recent spate of homicides at a press conference at the War Memorial Building on May 3, 2021. (Amy Davis/Baltimore Sun).

In reading the latest news on Baltimore homicides showing 125 murders this year, I have to wonder if this is the new normal (”Baltimore man had recently turned 18 and hoped education and family could steer him away from crime. He died last week, a month after being shot,” May 24). There were 254 individuals who had been shot, each one of which could have been another fatality.

It appears that Baltimore’s leadership have given up trying to stop the slayings and are clueless on what to do next besides conducting “studies” and having press conferences. What they are doing is providing a very potent measure of encouragement for those who are able to move away to do so. Once those with the resources to leave have done so, who will be left to pay the bills and be the social glue that holds the city together?


Dan Crumpler, Bradenton, Florida

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