Money lacking for schools but City Hall renovation is funded?

Very curious isn't it? There is room in the budget for $17 million to improve the workplace quality for the politicians (“Its stonework deteriorating, Baltimore’s historic City Hall to undergo $17 million restoration,” Oct. 1). However, schools that are in shambles take a back seat to the politicians' digs. How can Baltimore be so concerned with this "iconic landmark" when the city is literally falling apart in just about all main areas? They are already talking about "matching marble" so a city in turmoil can put out a "front.”

Beside the schools, where are the bucks for police, fire and infrastructure? City Council members are at City Hall only sparingly. They could definitely meet at any number of venues in Baltimore. Or a modern streamlined City Hall that would be energy efficient and equally comfortable could be constructed for probably similar money.

I believe $17 million could put more police on the streets that are desperately needed. That would be money well spent and would be far more responsible allocation of resources than spending it on cosmetics for a symbol. Right now, Baltimore is the symbol of violence and open air drug markets. A murder a day, but City Hall must look good at all costs. Maybe spending money on cosmetic symbolism trumps the needs right now, and more importantly, our future. City Hall is going to be putting on a mask that everything is all right when nothing could be farther from the truth.

Who approved this project and where is the money coming from? How could Mary Pat Clarke call this a good expenditure? Very curious. Let's watch the money.

George Hammerbacher, Baltimore

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