Maryland officials need to do something about the trash

Thank you, Rosalynn Carter! Maybe someone will listen to you (“Rosalynn Carter: Md. roads marred by trash,” Dec. 7). I wrote my first letter to former Mayor Kurt Schmoke about the trash in Baltimore 26 years ago after my husband and I rode the train home from New Orleans. The amount of trash was appalling, and I made the same comment as Ms. Carter about what a terrible impression this gave of our city. I have been battling ever since.

I always did my small part, picking up trash on my daily walks. I thought — and still think -- “wouldn’t it be easier to just NOT litter in the first place?” To our city leaders I say to teach kids early, at home and in school not to litter. Bring back the old “trash ball” cans and try to instill some pride in our city. Our surroundings are a reflection of us. We’ve got to try to do better.

Theresa Toni, Harford County

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