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Fun on the farm | READER COMMENTARY

Carson Galloway, 3, takes the steering wheel of an old tractor during a visit with his grandmother at Larriland Farm in Woodbine. Friday, Sept. 30. (Karen Jackson/Baltimore Sun).

As I started reading The Baltimore Sun on Saturday, Oct. 1, I noted how sad the stories were. From the headlines “Cop shot in East Baltimore” to “Restaurateur: It’s red blood in the streets,” it was pretty depressing.

Then I turned the page and saw the exuberant face of 3-year-old Carson Galloway riding an old tractor in Woodbine (”Enjoying the farm,” Oct. 1). Carson’s smile made my day! It warmed my heart knowing that young Carson knew nothing about these sad issues and could just be a kid and have fun. Carson’s smile said it all!


— Tracy Moore, Forest Hill

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