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Let's get the hardened criminals off the streets

As a lifelong Baltimore resident who loves this city, I had to take a moment to write in support of state Sen. Bobby Zirkin’s commentary, “Md. legislation focuses on violent repeat offenders” (April 25). While it pains me every day to read stories about how crime continues to take a toll on the image, economy and good people of Baltimore, the fact that we have legislative leaders like Senator Zirkin is a reason for hope. Clearly, he gets it and intends to be part of the solution.

Yes, what’s going to solve our crime problem is not one idea or agenda but a multi-pronged approach that will also help mitigate the underlying causes of crime, bring new jobs and educational opportunities, and address the epidemic of addiction and mental illness. No, the answer isn’t to lock everyone up and throw away the key. However, the reality is we can’t ensure public safety if we don’t get career-hardened criminals and repeat offenders off our streets.

Senator Zirkin responded to all that and more. Most importantly, he knows that the engagement, involvement, and support of Baltimore residents and communities are essential to the success of any anti-crime initiative. And for that, we are truly lucky to have a friend, partner, and public servant in Mr. Zirkin.

Jeffrey Rosen, Pikesville

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