Is Senator Cardin out to ruin Brett Kavanaugh?

I would like to know where my Sen. Ben Cardin is on the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing. Senator, you are running for re-election as a Democrat and member of the resist President Donald Trump movement. I would like to know who I am voting for in November. Delay after delay, what are you hoping for? What will a seventh FBI background investigation prove (“Trump shows his true colors with attack on Christine Blasey Ford,” Oct. 3)?

There are no corroborated statements. Are you calling for another delay to ruin Judge Kavanaugh’s life further? I know you are a Democrat, and that you are against conservative values such as the right to life and gun rights. Those are issues where you and I clearly disagree and I understand normal policy disagreements. But senator, where is your dignity and decency? As a constituent, I deserve to know where you stand not just on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination but on how he has been treated by your party.

If Mr. Kavanaugh had been your child, Senator Cardin, would you condone this tactic? I am concerned here and rightly so. This is no longer a discussion about policies and judicial ideas. It is a discussion of decency. Am I voting for a man who is principled and believes in the rights of an individual to due process or am I voting for a man who feels that his party is right in winning at all costs? It’s a simple question: Do you abdicate basic rights to win an election? You swore an oath to the U.S. Constitution when you took office — or was that just something you had to do? This man deserves the same due process that you do, Senator. It is a legitimate question. You are asking for the vote of the people of Maryland. It is a simple question to answer.

Senator Cardin, do you believe it is appropriate to publicly destroy a man you oppose based on information that you could have investigated in private? Let’s put it another way. If you coached a sports team and that team was losing with minutes left to play, would you “take out” the key player? But not just take him out but destroy him? Would you feel, senator, that it is appropriate to ruin his life, cripple him, hurt him so badly that he could never work again? Would you feel it was appropriate to ensure that his family be hurt and irreparably damaged? I believe it is a legitimate question and a question everyone should ask their candidates running for political office.

Senator Cardin, do you condone this behavior? Do you condone the politics of winning at all costs? Prior to Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations, Judge Kavanaugh committed no crimes, was an honest, good judge with a temperament that people admired. You were 100 percent appropriate to disagree with his judicial decisions. However, due to your party’s reprehensible behavior, two weeks later he is an accused rapist — without any proof or corroboration. Your party has systematically ruined his life! Thugs act in this way! This could have been done in private, senator. Democrats decided that since they could not win fairly, that they could not just vote against him, they had to destroy him at all costs. Given that this man has lived an exemplary life, senator, do you condone this? This has gone beyond politics to a matter of civil decency.

Do you believe in this behavior, Senator Cardin? I think Marylanders need to know the answer before we vote. I also believe that Judge Kavanaugh and his family are also your constituents. Where do you stand, senator? Am I voting for a principled man of integrity or a low-life intent on destroying his enemies? There is no middle ground, senator. The voters are entitled to know your thoughts. Staying silent only condones this behavior.

Francis Roland, Conowingo

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