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MTA should bring back printed bus schedules | READER COMMENTARY

A bus sits, temporarily out of service, outside of a Sinai Hospital bus stop. The Hogan administration recently canceled its proposal to slash MTA bus service in the Baltimore region next year in response to falling revenues due to the coronavirus. 09-30-2020

Because I don’t drive anymore, I must be one of thousands of Maryland Transit Administration bus riders relieved that service is not going to be cut (“MTA cancels proposal to slash bus service in Baltimore after heavy criticism; will cut MARC, commuter bus service instead,” Sept. 30). I want to ask MTA, though, to make planning a trip by bus much less of a chore. Bring back printed bus schedules.

In the last few years in order to find out when buses will arrive and leave, you’ve had to go online and deal with a very cumbersome system based on telling the part-time rider where a bus is at that particular moment and not much more. It is very frustrating trying to plan a trip for tomorrow or next week. Let the drivers have a supply of printed schedules to give to riders who want them.


Paul Marx, Towson

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