It's always easy for the government to take more of the people's money

Since the Baltimore Sun editorial board never has had a issue with taking more money out of working peoples pockets, how about every time the politicians ask for more money there is a comprehensive list of all salaries and benefits of government employees listed in this newspaper or the county or city's website (“Anne Arundel residents want good schools and safe streets, but will they pay for them?” May 10).

That way the private sector that pays the way can really see where all this money is really going. The first thing that Baltimore County Executive John A. Olszewski Jr. does is hire a six figure spokesman. That money is coming from the taxpayer, not his pocket, and the list will go on and on where cuts can be made that will never impact services provided by the local and state government.

People have to realize we the taxpayers are taxed on almost everything we buy or do in life. They the politicians are taking money every which way they can and then want more. The elected, to some, are so special. If so, make it happen without taking more out of my pocket. Just remember it is so easy to spend other people’s money and then the politician pats himself or herself on the back and tells us all what they did for all of us.

Martin Sadowski

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