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What a treasure is the BSO

The recent concern to rally support for the BSO was a powerful demonstration of the cultural significance of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (“At concert to rally BSO support, Martin O’Malley says ‘Baltimore is a major league city,’” Jan. 9).

Packed to overflowing capacity with frequent flashing cameras and video recordings, the Basilica Concert on Tuesday evening organized by and was an unequivocal statement by these highly skilled musicians as well as the organizations they represent. Their ability, creativity and energy was manifest and communicated a profound support of and belief in the musicians of the BSO. Cheers and tears registered audience appreciation and emotional involvement. It was a magical and transcendent evening.

The organizational leadership of the BSO values neither the institution nor the musicians that produce its product if draconian cuts are the only proposal for survival. It is a shopworn, easy way out that speaks to a failure of creativity in conceiving solutions that work for the organization and the community of Baltimore. Musicians and music organizations communicate meaning, beliefs and value to their community.

BSO musicians spoke in the Basilica. Audience attendance and reaction to the concert is evidence that at 100-plus years the BSO and its musicians are extraordinary treasures providing intellectual and emotional richness to our community that we can not afford to lose.

Juliet R. Cimino, Washington, D.C.

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