Detail potential border wall benefits, please

The political cartoon in Sunday’s paper certainly tells one side of the story on the government shutdown, but I have yet to see a clear summary of the cost of individuals crossing over from Mexico to the United States illegally (“KAL on Trump, the wall and the government shutdown,” Jan. 6). Let’s stop talking about President Donald Trump “blackmailing” the Congress and the American citizens. Let’s talk about what the cost are versus the benefits.

What are the costs of the existing undocumented in the United States including medical care, housing, policing, courts, feeding, etc. What are the costs of those who seek entrance legally? What are the costs of controlling border crossings, legal entry locations, housing, feeding, border policing, even diapers, of existing restrictive entry walls? What is the political and Congressional cost to track, analyze, investigate hold, return, etc., the situation of illegal immigrants?

I have heard from several people who police the borders relative to the effectiveness of what is being done on the border but not the cost versus benefit results. Without this information, I can’t make an intelligent decision on who is right. Still, I believe a barrier would be cost effective. I would just like to know the details.

I have no doubts that the Democrats just don’t want a “wall” and President Trump believes the wall is necessary and what a majority in the U.S. want. That’s the impasse, but maybe the cost versus benefit analysis would provide the solution.

Richard T. Webb, Parkton

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