Democrats should put their dislike for Trump aside and support border wall

U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer of New York calls a border wall ineffective as his rationale for opposing the Trump administration’s requested funding for such (“Trump's wall, Trump's shutdown,” Dec. 12). Perhaps, the senator and his colleagues in Maryland should ponder the many high concrete walls on our highways that obviously are effective as barriers to the “migration” of noise from vehicular traffic. I see little or no opposition to such walls in the media.

While the immediate purpose of the southern border wall or barrier is to reduce unwanted unlawful migration into this country, there are numerous other benefits justifying the cost. The Democrats, because of their hatred for all things Trump, are incapable of making a subjective analysis of the benefits of a permanent, durable, effective barrier.

This country is additionally faced with a steady flow of illegal drugs that motivate crime. Reducing drug smuggling through the border is clearly beneficial. Human trafficking is an abomination which must be stopped because of human costs and it leads to more criminal activity. Let’s not forget the potential for would be terrorists and criminal gangs to infiltrate this country.

Had the Democrats approved the funds for the border barrier, government employees would not be bearing the brunt of a shutdown. But think of the other benefits of constructing a wall or barrier. It takes people, materials and engineering as well as other peripheral activities to carry out such a significant endeavor.

Blind hatred because their anointed candidate failed to win the presidential election keeps the country divided and less safe to the detriment of the country’s citizens and legal residents. Marylanders could benefit as well as we taxpayers are faced with escalating outlays to educate unlawfully present minors as well as providing other benefits to the unlawfully present population that is growing owing to Maryland being a de facto sanctuary state. Any reduction in unlawful migration to this state would be help reduce such escalation.

Michael V. Ernest, Catonsville

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