Put border wall to a vote

As a retired government employee and a Vietnam veteran, I'll get right to the point: this government shutdown is intolerable and must stop now (“Democrats plan more pressure on Trump to reopen government,” Jan. 7). To that end, I propose a bill for the U.S. Congress to establish a public referendum on the question of whether or not to build the wall between Mexico and the United States of America.

This would be one vote, one U.S. citizen. No electoral college here. If and when the president signs the bill, the shutdown is over, everyone back to work. Six months after that date, the referendum would take place. There could be early voting and absentee votes. It would be up to each state to set up their polling places, check their lists of eligible voters, etc. The total will be the total and binding.

I do wish our government would stop with all this discord and get work done!

Benjamin P. McKnew, Pasadena

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