U.S. borders must be protected like a home

Dan Rodricks’ column, “Real threat is within, not at US borders” (Jan. 9), is disingenuous at best. I’m betting that Dan locks the door to his home whether he is in his home or away from it. He’ll do this even though he knows that anyone seriously wanting to get in his home won’t let a locked door slow him down for long.

If someone knocks on his door and asks entry, I’d hope that Mr. Rodricks would ask questions first before allowing that person into his home. He would do this not just for his safety but because he has a responsibility to keep his family safe. If a serviceman asked for entry to check for a gas leak, I’d think that Dan would ask for identification to verify that person is telling the truth as to who he claims to be. And that person would be kept outside of the house until the verification is confirmed.

I’m thinking Dan won’t say to himself, “I have a column to write about the opioid crisis which is the number one concern for me. I’ll just let this person into my home so I can get that article written.” Our country’s borders should be protected at least as well as Mr. Rodricks protects his family in his home.

Patrick Walsh, Linthicum

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