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U.S. must regain control of its borders | READER COMMENTARY

Migrants wade across the Rio Grande from Del Rio, Texas, to Ciudad Acuña, Mexico, Sunday, Sept. 19, 2021. (AP Photo/Felix Marquez)

When a country spreads the welcome mat, as the United States apparently has done, people from around the world will take up the offer. We project a worldwide image of plentiful jobs, excellent health care, free education and above all, personal freedom, therefore billions pay attention. Now, we are paying the price, and so are those who naively believed the hype (”US begins flying Haitian migrants home; blocks part of Mexican border at isolated Texas town,” Sep. 19).

I fail to understand why the residents of Del Rio, Texas, are not outraged by the illegal invasion of Haitians and others swamping their town of 35,000. Isn’t it time to call out the National Guard? Why haven’t Texans formed groups to assist the U.S. Border Patrol? When it comes to illegal immigration, American citizens are asleep at the switch.


The story about another group of migrants risking their health and lives to cross the border between Colombia and Panama was shocking. I know something about jungles — there is more to worry about than snakes. The environment teems with microscopic insects that can infect and kill, and mosquitoes harboring malaria and yellow fever. It’s time this stops.

Millions are being deceived and ripped off by human traffickers. Just how do thousands of Haitians travel from their island nation to Mexico? I doubt they swim. And what is illegal immigration costing the U.S. taxpayer? Medical care and housing has to be paid by someone.


Furthermore, Mexico must also control its borders and turn back immigrants there illegally. That country (and others) are guilty of aiding and abetting criminals who prey on the gullible by encouraging dangerous passage. Now is the time for Americans to say “enough,” and demand our government recognize that immigration to the United States is a privilege, not a global right.

R. Ellis Heid, Baltimore

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