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Sun editorial notebook about black candidates stokes racial bias

The Baltimore Sun's editorial board continues to stoke racial bias practically on an everyday basis. In Wednesday's edition, it claimed the political television ads run by the Republican Governors Association portrayed Ben Jealous ,while he was running for governor, as angry and extreme and images of him were darkened and sinister (“Why can't a black candidate win statewide office in so-called progressive Maryland?” Dec. 24). According to the article, that could have been a good reason why white voters didn't vote for a black candidate. (I don't believe that at all.) I remember way too many times when President Donald Trump was running for president he was portrayed as angry and extreme and dark and sinister and many other vile things (and,of course that continues to this day).Last time I looked he was white, and he won the election anyway. So what's your point?

Gail Householder, Marriottsville

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