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Biden needs to come out swinging | READER COMMENTARY

President Joe Biden boards Air Force One at Delaware Air National Guard Base in New Castle, Delaware on Monday morning, Oct. 31, 2022. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Why is President Joe Biden too old to run for another term (”Sun/UB Poll: While Maryland Democrats are poised for Election Day gains, some voters say Biden shouldn’t run again,” Oct. 29)? The president of the United States does not have the drive to the next event — he has a chauffeur. His job is to think about the comings and goings of a nation. An old philosopher said, “thinking is the manipulation of memories.” Mr. Joe has truckloads of reflection.

So, what’s the rub? We have a guy as the president who is a political veteran and has memories of the first air conditioner in the movie house — the gas and electric stoves including a refrigerator that makes ice. Today, he does not have to have physical abilities, just one finger to push a remote control on and off. So what does he offer us? His common sense of democracy and his democratic impulses to provide a nation their freedom and safe bridges.


Then, why the fuss about Uncle Joe’s abilities? Welcome to the 21st century. We, the people, have become lazy and take our democracy for granted. A president is only the conductor of an orchestra, while you and I, taxpaying voters, are the musicians who produce the sounds of freedom, not the conductor.

Think about this: As taxpaying voters, we are part owners of this nation. Our investment in America depends on whom we put in office. In 2016, political cancer occurred and metastasized throughout the Republican family. We removed the tumor in 2020. However, this disease continues in the homes of our political neighbors. Republican voters are carrying this misconception and spreading it to others. Politicians are expendable. However, the voters’ decisions are permanent.


We live in a 21st century mindset where people don’t trust government, law or medical Instructions and fall into the trap of self-singularity and self-advocacy. This ego facet was born from television, the computer, the smartphone and the media. We are responsible despite these distractions. Folks, we are investing in our lives, the lives of our descendants and, this nation. The time for hard love and common sense is now. President Joe, take off the gloves and tell it like it is.

— John Holter, Baltimore

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