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Enough with the Bernie bashing | READER COMMENTARY

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is the candidate most closely associated with Medicare For All. After all, as he likes to say, he “wrote the damn bill!”

I usually do not read Jonah Goldberg’s op-eds. However, the photograph of Bernie Sanders above his commentary, “It’s not going well for the Democrats” (Feb. 17), grabbed my attention. I thought it was ridiculous for Mr. Goldberg to offer advice to the Democratic Party.

Once I read his opinion on the presidential race, I recognized another dose of Bernie-bashing. The journalist treats Joe Biden, a corporate Democrat, as a threat to Donald Trump’s reign. It should be noted that in three tries for the presidency, Mr. Biden has never won a primary.


Yet Mr. Goldberg claims “The Trump team understands this [Bernie cannot win.], which is why it’s trying to bury Mr. Biden and boost Bernie.” Former Vice President Biden does not have a chance as he fantasizes that he will unify the country. This is not possible at a time when President Trump controls the Republican Party.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lyndon B. Johnson and Martin Luther King, Jr. were called socialists as they advocated for transformative policies such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and equal justice for all. Like the others, Senator Sanders is also pushing transformative policies, in this case, a Green New Deal, Medicare for All and the elimination of college debt.


Under President Trump, we suffer from income inequality, climate chaos and out-of-control spending on weapons and war. So I am voting for the socialist from Vermont, as he is the only one capable of confronting those ills. Let the other voters express themselves.

Max Obuszewski, Baltimore

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