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D.C. and other cities face the same problems as Baltimore | READER COMMENTARY

Activists with the Black Community Development Coalition erected tents outside Baltimore City Hall in August to urge city action on homelessness. File. (Cassidy Jensen/Baltimore Sun).

I have lived in Baltimore all of my 60-plus years, and yes, it is getting a whole lot out of hand (”The threat to Baltimore’s future posed by a single, mummified rat,” Sept. 21). Crime, drugs, housing issues and the rat problems caused by trash and more trash are all evident, but when I visited Washington, D.C., recently, I was blown away at what I found.

You come into the District of Columbia and see the U.S. Capitol and the White House and the other important buildings and places only to be shocked at the trash, the homelessnews and how the place looks like a mess. Now, I love Baltimore, and I love Washington, too, but let’s be real: Baltimore is not the only place with these problems.


— Inette Dixon, Baltimore

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