Merging city and county = more bad government

“Imagine the tax savings from merging two enormous governments. Just the salaries of politicians and administrators alone are eye-opening,” writes Alan Shecter of Towson (“Merger of Baltimore city with county deserves serious consideration,” June 10). If anyone believes the merger of two financially inept jurisdictions will result in savings from elimination of representatives, there are no rose colored glasses large enough for such a fairy tale. If readers think turf battles for political control in each jurisdiction will be reduced with the combined population and boundaries joined, we can only imagine a third group of administrators paid to figure out how to make it work with the job security of “decades” before it fails.

We have one jurisdiction whose IT department did not update its software for a ransomware intended to defeat it and with a crime environment destroying its good citizens, and another whose county executive tries to recover in one year’s budget the sugar coating of unbalanced budgets from the previous administration and whose school board ignored his pleas to reduce costs. So the Baltimore County Council is “shocked, yes, shocked” at the present budget deficit, with County Executive John Olszewski Jr. saying he’s just trying to give the citizens what they asked for during the election though not informing them of the costs.

We have one jurisdiction with a history of failed schools and departments who want funding formulas modified to obtain more state money and another dealing with the problems moving to its boundaries and seeking more funding to deal with that. The only thing common with both jurisdictions are education departments bloated with administrators and union servants accountable to everyone except teachers and students.

Problems within the city and county must be solved by them within the present jurisdictions. I have read no realistic justification for a merger of the city and county that results in benefits to both and waiting for “decades” for it to be possibly for the good is out of the question. Hasn’t the European Union shown this?

Charles Herr, Baltimore

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