Baltimore Mayor Bernard “Jack” Young, D, left, with Gov. Larry Hogan , R, after Young’s swearing-in.
Baltimore Mayor Bernard “Jack” Young, D, left, with Gov. Larry Hogan , R, after Young’s swearing-in. (Marvin Joseph)

I sometimes wonder if the editorial staff of the Baltimore Sun actually works undercover for the mayor’s office. I reference the editorial “Hogan joins the crime fight" (Sept. 11). The Sun starts out somewhat positively about the governor sending $21 million to Baltimore for the crime fight but then has to find something negative to say.

I can almost hear the editor of the editorial section talking with Mayor Bernard C. “Jack" Young on the phone: “Look here Jack, despite the fact that the governor is giving us this money, I seriously doubt you and the commissioner can handle the crime problem so how can we knock the governor down? We don’t want you to look bad, buddy.”


Then Mr. Young replies, “Well, bring up Freddie Gray, and the surveillance plane as that is always a good scapegoat. And throw in former Gov. Martin O’Malley too."

First off, The Sun has no idea the value of the surveillance plane in providing information on the crime element. If the photography can show you where the criminals are located and the police can arrest them, then the investigative process can begin. Having worked intelligence surveillance systems for years, if the system can identify where they are, then apprehending them becomes a little easier.

And then The Sun hits below the belt with this observations: "From the lies, damn lies and statistics department come the governor’s musing that Baltimore should be much better situated to fight crime than it was in 2011, the year it recorded fewer than 200 homicides..” The following statistics seem accurate, but then it is up to The Sun and the administration to knock them down. Can’t have the governor being right can we?

No, The Sunpaper can cry all day long, but the facts are that the governor is correct and the Baltimore politicians have failed us in the crime arena. But then The Sun closes with, “We know violence in Baltimore went down when Gov. Martin O’Malley made it a top priority for the state, and we’re confident it will if Mr. Hogan does too.” Of course the police weren’t coddling the criminals at that time and were able to do their jobs without federal interference.

Stas Chrzanowski, Baltimore

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