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Baltimore needs more police officers on the street | READER COMMENTARY

Baltimore Police investigate an officer-involved shooting at the corner of Lafayette Avenue and North Fulton Avenue in Harlem Park on Sunday, Nov. 6. File. (Cassidy Jensen/Baltimore Sun).

A recent editorial in The Baltimore Sun called for Maryland’s governor-elect to commit the resources necessary to reduce crime in Baltimore and, above all, save more lives as quickly as possible (”Baltimore is bleeding; Gov.-elect Moore, please send help,” Nov. 10).

I addressed this issue in my last letter to the editor, “Baltimore is in chaos due to rampant crime, drug cartels” (Aug. 28).


There is no immediate solution to save lives short of having more highly-trained officers on the street. If I had a magic wand, I would wave it and produce 300 new, well-trained and equipped officers I would then place in 50 cars, two officers each, on each of all three shifts.

None of us has that wand.


Where will the funds come from? Consider saved overtime funds which could reach $40 million or more. Even at best, this plan would require, in installments, about two to three years of commitment to be realized. But, arguably, the number of lives lost to homicides would begin to be reduced.

Many homicides are fueled by drug wars in the area and the primary supplier of those drugs is the Sinaloa Cartel. This is a fact substantiated by multiple federal investigations. That will be a much more complicated problem to solve. A worldwide crime syndicate, the Sinaloa has hundreds of billions of dollars to invest.

For now, let us concentrate on the immediate necessity of more troops on the battlefield. More troops equate to more lives saved on the streets and avenues of Baltimore.

— Ralph Clayton, Baltimore

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