Baltimore screwed up by dropping Stronach, Pimlico lawsuit

Baltimore City just screwed up really big by dropping the lawsuit against Stronach (“Baltimore withdraws lawsuit aimed at seizing Pimlico racetrack, says talks to begin with owners”, June 12).

That was the only leverage that Baltimore had over the group, and they gave it up. Listen to the words of the Stronach chairperson and CEO Belinda Stronach. “We … look forward to working with Mayor Young and his representatives, along with the state and other stakeholders,” she said.

You have Baltimore squaring off with Stronach, the state and the other stakeholders who want to move the Preakness to Laurel. If they were interested in keeping the race in Baltimore, they would be dealing with Baltimore alone.

Beware Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young, when you deal with a snake, the odds are good you will get bitten, and Stronach is one big snake!

Stas Chrzanowski, Baltimore

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