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Kach: Dulaney and Towson high schools require more than renovation | READER COMMENTARY

Towson High School in Towson. File. (Kenneth K. Lam/Baltimore Sun).

Recently, the Baltimore County Council received a briefing concerning the ongoing Multi-Year Improvement Plan for All Schools (MYIPAS) study, which is analyzing the condition of all schools in Baltimore County and making recommendations on funding and prioritization of capital project construction (”Study calls for $2.5 billion total in renovations, expansions for all Baltimore County school buildings,” July 14).

While in the current Fiscal Year 2022 budget, Baltimore County is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for a required feasibility study that could potentially unlock state funding for new Dulaney and Towson high schools, I am extremely disappointed that the MYIPAS recommendations so far appear to have predetermined the outcome in favor of renovation and addition for these schools.


By now, the brown water, the electrical issues, the plumbing, the deficit of space, and the lack of 21st century equipped classrooms for 21st century curriculum, are well known to all. Since 2014, and even as observed through the solicitation of input from this MYIPAS study, the central area of Baltimore County residents and elected state and county officials overwhelmingly support the replacement buildings for these schools. The Baltimore County Board of Education for the past several years has also listed Dulaney and Towson as replacement projects.

Given the likely costs of renovation sufficient for the aging conditions at Dulaney and Towson, I continue to believe that it would be far more cost effective to replace these schools. From what I have witnessed in cases such as this, a renovation will only delay the inevitable replacement, making it in the long run a far more costly endeavor.


Over the next several months, MYIPAS will be completing its study. The final report is due by late September to early October. Let’s do it right the first time for Towson and Dulaney.

Wade Kach, Cockeysville

The writer, a Republican, represents District 3 on the Baltimore County Council.

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