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Baltimore needs to finance its fair election fund | READER COMMENTARY

Voting for the 7th Congressional District special primary election at Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Elementary School.

I was excited to see Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young and the City Council pass the Fair Elections Fund bill in January (“Special interest money dominates city election, but it will be different in ‘24,” Jan. 17). This bill paves the way for making Baltimore’s elections more equitable. By removing financial barriers, more residents, with less access to wealth, will be able to run for office. Supporting candidates from more modest backgrounds is vitally important in a city where the average family can’t afford to make big donations.

But, for the Fair Elections program to work, the mayor and City Council must fund it. Other counties in Maryland have already passed and funded similar programs: Montgomery County used a small donor matching program for its 2018 elections. I call on the mayor and City Council to quickly fund the Fair Elections bill. Baltimore voters cannot wait.


Natasha Robinson-Link, Baltimore

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