Thanks to Angelos, Orioles hit new low

While watching the game Monday night, I thought the crowd was pretty small but that is not unusual with the worst team in baseball. Then when I read that the crowd of 6,585 fans was the smallest ever, I thought that maybe the fans are getting smart and not paying major league prices to watch a minor league team. Isn't it a shame that the Angelos family has totally ruined what was a great organization when they took over? Now, we have to resort to watching a bunch of Single- and Double-A ballplayers for probably the next four or five years before we play a significant game again. Just before the season began, the O's announced that they were not raising prices for 2019. Duh (“What they’re saying about the Orioles’ Chris Davis and The Streak,” April 10).

Last night, I had to turn it off after the first inning because it was 5-0 and watched reruns of the "Big Bang Theory.” The saddest thing is that the bars and restaurants around the stadium are again suffering for customers because of the O's. Maybe Peter Angelos and his family could help them stay open by giving them some of the $25 million they charge us for MASN which surely stands for "Millionaire Angelos and Sons Sports Network."

Joe Heldmann, Catonsville

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