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Andy Harris is a coward | READER COMMENTARY

Democrat Heather Mizeur and Republican U.S. Rep. Andy Harris are running in Maryland's 1st Congressional District. File. (Kenneth K. Lam and Amy Davis/Baltimore Sun).

If there was ever any doubt that U.S. Rep. Andy Harris is a sniveling coward, it was proven when he withdrew from a scheduled debate with his Democratic opponent on the ridiculous basis that the Libertarian candidate (essentially a non-candidate) was not invited (”Republican Rep. Andy Harris pulls out of debate with Democrat Heather Mizeur after insisting organizers include third candidate,” Sept. 14).

He has not the intestinal fortitude to face a strong woman on camera for all to see his worthlessness. I am ashamed that he is my congressman and I look forward to when the voting women of Maryland’s 1st Congressional District send him packing in November.


— William L. Opfer Jr., Bel Air

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