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Yes, Mary Bubala asked a dumb question, but did she deserve to be fired?

Mary Bubala lost her job because the question she asked was clearly racist and sexist (“WJZ says anchorwoman Mary Bubala is out in wake of her question about race, gender of recent Baltimore mayors,” May 7).

It just goes to show that, actually, there are stupid questions. The appropriate question should have been obvious to Ms. Bubala as soon as the topic appeared in her mind. The appropriate question should have been: “Is there a way to find a leader in Baltimore who is intelligent, politically savvy and not a crook?"

And the answer should be that we need to have investigative journalists who can figure out which smart, savvy candidates are crooks before they get elected. But if they can't figure it out before the election, then figuring it out after the election is the next best thing.

Having said that, I also want to point out that if Ms. Bubala had been a man, she would have probably been allowed to make an on-air apology and keep her job.

Henry Farkas, Pikesville

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