5 Facts about Democratic county executive candidate Vicki Almond

When she attracted rich funding from Baltimore County Votes, a secretive super PAC largely funded by land developer interests who immediately sent mailers with misleading and incorrect information on a candidate’s record on gun control, that candidate being the only county executive candidate who vowed, continues to vow, and sponsored legislation to stop the developer pay-to-play and puppeteer-puppet government in the county;

When she voted in December 2017 to hand out the $43 million tax increment financing package to the developers of Towson Row, despite the greater need for that money to be earmarked to the overcrowded schools, or schools without air conditioning, or the far too many roads and other infrastructure in Baltimore County that are reminiscent of a decades ago ago trip to a third world country;


When she failed to admonish and demand the minimum of $125,000 reimbursement to the county coffers from the county executive, Kevin Kamenetz, for his ordering the April 2017 building demolition and site clearing at the proposed Towson Station development, after that site was already under an "as is" contract to sell to Caves Valley Partners, developers of Towson Station, continuing of his long-standing pattern of comforting his buddies and political benefactors, who along with their business entities had given at least $160,000 to Kamenetz, County Council members, and a slate campaign over the eight years ending in 2017, as reported by Ann Costantino in The Baltimore Post in August of that year;

When she failed to admonish and demand replacement or reimbursement, in April 2017, to the county coffers from Kamenetz, for ordering the destruction of all thirty-three trees, including six specimen trees at the proposed Towson Station development, after the County Council had voted unanimously to save that site's trees, ignoring not only the council's vote, but also ignoring the county's zoning regulations, continuing his long-standing pattern of comforting his buddies and political benefactors at Caves Valley Partners;

When she selected, in 2017, appointee John B. Gontrum to the Baltimore County decennial Charter Review Commission, shamelessly ignoring his inherent conflict of interest, since he was a real estate development lawyer;

When she voted and later reversed, in September 2016, her earlier zoning decision, now permitting 40 residential building lots to be developed by Cignal Corp. at the former Chestnut Ridge Country Club, prompting author, university professor, and Chesapeake Bay environmentalist Tom Horton to write an article for the Chesapeake Bay Journal predicting the resulting habitat destruction of the development’s neighboring stream, the "last refuge of wild trout in the sprawling Jones Falls drainage [area]," a bay tributary;

When she decided to become a 2018 candidate for the office of Baltimore County executive, ignoring the implications of her limited training, limited experience, limited education, and propensity for making poor choices, evidenced by the aforementioned and her being the only one of the six current candidates for county executive who supported the $43 million taxpayer funded bailout of an interest free loan and gift package for the developers of Towson Row;

She Councilwoman Vicki Almond — created an easy choice for the county's voters: they should not elect or select or appoint or anoint her to manage Baltimore County or anything else, because she is not free of land developers' money and interests, nor qualified nor suited.

Scott Hall