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Sin taxes won’t fix health care, but single-payer can | READER COMMENTARY

Medicare for All is a political proposal that could mean a government-run, single-payer health care system, or a system allowing Americans to buy into Medicare at age 50, also called Medicare for More. It differs from the Affordable Care Act, which left private insurers paramount.

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Here we go again — a proposal to fund state health care needs by an increase in sin taxes (“Maryland’s proposed alcohol tax increase," Sept. 29).

The head of the Maryland Distillers Guild is right. Higher taxes mean fewer purchases which means more Marylanders out of work. It’s all so unnecessary. The state’s health care needs, including those for resources in poorer communities, could be fully met by a sound, fair progressive tax imposed at the national level. It’s called single-payer or improved Medicare for All.


Roderick N. Ryon, Baltimore

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