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Police need to crack down on speeders | READER COMMENTARY

A pair of Baltimore City speed cameras target speeding motorists in the 600 block of West Northern Parkway last year. File. (Jerry Jackson/Baltimore Sun).

Regarding the letter to the editor, “Aggressive drivers are scaring teens off the road” (Sept. 24), these aggressive drivers also scare senior citizens off the interstates as well. This results in far more traffic moving to back roads than they are designed to handle. Overcrowding such roads — which often have narrow lanes, blind curves, bicyclists, pedestrians, school buses, and mail deliveries — is dangerous. It reduces the quality of life for those residents who live in rural areas and for people in these COVID-19 pandemic times who want to exercise safely outdoors.

Our local and federal taxes pay for the interstate highways. Motorists who drive at the speed limit shouldn’t have to fear for their lives as reckless drivers weave in and out of traffic at 80 miles per hour. Rather than merely expressing sympathy for the person who gets killed from a reckless driver, let’s give police the public support they need to enforce the speed limit.


Jeffrey H. Marks, Baltimore

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