Steinmetz is ignoring the elephant in the room

President Trump's attempt to end the Affordable Care Act could help states like California. (Oct. 17, 2017)

In his column in The Sun ("Not repealing Obamacare among 'worst legislative failures in modern history'", Oct. 20) Jay Steinmetz ignores the elephant in the room: how to ensure that every American has access to good health care.

He, like most critics of the Affordable Care Act, tries to blame everything wrong with health care in America on the Obama bill, while ignoring what we'd be left with if it actually were repealed. Millions of working Americans got affordable health insurance for the first time under the law, and if it were removed, or sabotaged, as President Donald Trump is doing, we'd go back to 50 million with the "freedom" to either die slowly or go bankrupt.


Health insurance premiums, co-pays and deductibles have been rising for many years and will continue rising with or without the ACA, which, as Mr. Steinmetz points out, represents only six percent of health insurance coverage.

What he and other critics try to avoid is the logical solution: a Medicare-for-all or single payer system in which everyone pays taxes to support the needs of the entire population. One set of rules, no lobbyists, no advertisements, no insurance companies trying to find ways to deny coverage to boost profits, and no aggravating, time consuming and expensive paperwork.

Republicans in Congress have, in effect, acknowledged the poverty of their health care ideology. That's why they rejected outright repeal, instead talking about "replace." They know people need health care, and if it is taken away by Republicans, they will pay a political price.

As a business owner, Mr. Steinmetz should be advocating for HR 676 or Bernie Sanders' single payer plan, which would cover all his employees and remove his company's burden of struggling with this issue.

Larry Carson. Columbia

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