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Media isn’t biased, just well informed | READER COMMENTARY

If bias is defined as a prejudice not based on facts or reality, then the liberal predisposition of media is not a bias. (Tribune Content Agency)

A reader of The Baltimore Sun faults the media for showing bias in its reporting (“Pitts leaves out key cause of media mistrust: bias,” April 22). There is a common misconception among conservatives that both media and college professors who tend to be more on the liberal or progressive side are biased. However, bias is defined as a prejudice not based on facts or reality. The liberal predisposition of media and academics is not a bias, but rather is based on facts and reality.

Academics and media reporters are usually well educated and well-informed and exposed to facts. They typically will have reviewed the issues on all sides and then dispassionately have concluded that the liberal or progressive perspective is the one that is more compassionate and will lead humanity better in its quest for happiness and freedom. So what is often referred as bias is simply an honest conclusion based reality.


— Jack Kinstlinger, Towson

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