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City sidewalks meant for walkers, not scooters

I commend The Sun for reporting on the safety hazards posed to riders of the relatively new electronic scooters in Baltimore (“Bird and Lime scooters lead to bumps, bruises and broken bones for Baltimore riders,” Oct. 30). At the same time, there's a growing safety hazard to pedestrians resulting from many of the scooters currently traveling on Baltimore's sidewalks at maximum speed. I know, as I was recently clipped by one on Charles Street, barely avoiding what could have been serious injury, and witnessed several near misses on downtown streets as well.

I hope we can agree that Baltimore's sidewalks are meant for pedestrians and not for electronic vehicles of any kind — especially in the crowded downtown area. City officials need to develop and enforce regulations that minimize the safety risk to scooter drivers and pedestrians alike. Perhaps we can start by requiring scooters to operate in the existing bicycle lanes while continuing to expand this network.

Downtown residents, workers and visitors do not need additional reasons to be concerned about their safety while experiencing our city's many amenities and yes, considerable charm.

Paul Sturm, Baltimore

The writer is a board member for the City Center Residents Association.

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