Lamar Jackson’s vaccination stance: The public has strong opinions about his ‘personal’ decision | READER COMMENTARY

Ravens' Lamar Jackson waves to fans as he walks to the locker room after training camp practice on August 12, 2021.
Ravens' Lamar Jackson waves to fans as he walks to the locker room after training camp practice on August 12, 2021. (Kenneth K. Lam)

Take one for the team, Lamar

It’s time Lamar Jackson stopped sidestepping the issue and took one for the team — and for himself. COVID variants are meaner than the Pittsburgh Steelers and the pain is longer lasting. Get vaxxed, Lamar!

Jim Pettit, Baltimore


We don’t have a right to endanger others

When queried about whether he had received a COVID-19 vaccination shot, Lamar Jackson claimed it was a personal choice (“Ravens QB Lamar Jackson says he’s considering COVID vaccine, but maintains the decision is ‘personal,’” Aug. 9) — displaying a narcissistic sense of entitlement that, unfortunately, is all too common among today’s athletes.

One has a right as a citizen not to take care of oneself; we don’t have a right to endanger other people. Despite what many libertarians, right-wing politicians and talk-show hosts may insinuate, there is neither a constitutional nor God-given right to be allowed to infect others.


S.Z. Auerbach, Baltimore

Perhaps McSorley should be named starting quarterback

Here’s an idea for Mr. “we’ll see” on vaccinations, especially after not one, but two bouts with COVID since November: The Ravens should name Trace McSorley as opening game starter, saying the team has to learn how play under his style, since they can’t count on Mr. Jackson being available. That would start quite a conversation.

Jim Meehan, Lake Worth, Florida

Suspend him until he gets the shot

The Ravens need to step up and suspend Lamar Jackson until he is vaccinated. This absolutely ridiculous; he’s contracted the virus twice. It’s no longer about what he believes. It’s about what’s right for all the human beings that he will come in contact with. I wouldn’t want to be on his team. Nor do any of his opponents want to be near him. He’s supposedly the leader of his team; he needs to set an example, and so do the Ravens owners, coaches and administrators. Suspend him NOW!


Mary Anne Truscello, Easton

Jackson’s being selfish

Lamar Jackson, you say getting the COVID vaccine is a “personal” decision. Well, YOU are NOT the only person on earth. You live in a community of people in the United States. How can you be so selfish?

H. Lacy, Baltimore

Be the leader we know you are, Lamar

Can you stand one more letter on this subject? Because after hearing Lamar’s vague statements about vaccines, it led me to a couple of observations.

First, the Ravens have announced publicly that their organization has an almost 90% vaccination rate. If that is true, that means most of Mr. Jackson’s teammates are vaccinated. Second, the Ravens have publicly announced, and we have seen it for ourselves, that Mr. Jackson is the team’s leader. So how can a team leader reconcile the fact he is not vaccinated with being the team’s leader? After all, wouldn’t a leader put his teammates first by protecting them? Remember that old saying, “there is no ‘I’ in team”? Would his teammates feel he is sacrificing their welfare over his? How does this affect the team chemistry? We are now less than a month away from the season starting.

My last observation: Lamar is in contract negotiations with the Ravens. Has he given them leverage with these statements? After all, the NFL has put in place a policy if a team has to reschedule a game due to COVID infections, the game is a forfeit, a loss. Who can predict the team won’t have another outbreak like last year?

Please, Lamar, for your team get vaccinated. Be the leader we know you are.

Michelle Peyton, Havre de Grace,

Be a team guy

I have watched pro football since Buddy Young played for the Colts. I have seen a lot of exciting players, including Lenny Moore and Gayle Sayers to name a few. Lamar is the most exciting player I have ever seen.

That being said, when he comes back off a bout with COVID and says he will talk with team doctors and wait until he learns more before getting vaccinated and just wants to be with his guys, it makes me wonder how much he cares about the team. Losing him for 10 days in the middle of the season if he contracts the disease again and the team loses or has to forfeit games because he can’t see the need to become vaccinated hardly makes him a team guy.

Jon Jacobson, Ruxton

Time to man up

Somebody needed to say it. If this team is going to win a championship, our QB1 needs to man up. No more babysitting. Lamar, it doesn’t get any bigger than this, and a lot of people are depending on you. Lead, follow or maybe it’s time for a new direction. Do you want to win championships? Or do you want to fade away? It’s your decision as a man. It’s in your hands. This is your choice. You’re the most talented player this league has ever seen, but talent can be wasted. What are you going to do?

Christopher Bonham, Idlewylde

Sun could have been harder on Jackson

Thank you, your editorial is welcomed and maybe not hard enough on both Mr. Jackson and the Ravens (”Lamar Jackson’s big shot: Ravens quarterback could save lives by publicly making the ‘personal’ choice to be vaccinated against COVID,” Aug. 10) Mr. Jackson must step up and act as a team player. I would rather the Ravens lose him, than have more people get sick and maybe die. “Mr. Jackson isn’t vaccinated” is the new excuse in Baltimore to not get vaccinated.

Stuart Cooper, Miami, Florida