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Take that, Tucker | READER COMMENTARY

In this image taken with a drone, the sunrise color is reflected in the Patterson Park boat lake, Friday morning, Jan. 7, 2022, after an overnight storm dropped a couple of inches of snow on the region. (Jerry Jackson/The Baltimore Sun via AP)

Last week, The Sun’s editorial board let you know what we thought of the disparaging comments about Baltimore made by Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson (”Greetings from Baltimore, Tucker Carlson’s nightmare city,” Feb. 2). A day later, a reader shared with us the response she was seeing on her local version of the online neighborhood social network, Nextdoor. Hint: There’s a lot of love for the library. Here’s a look at how the thread evolved over a 20-hour period from Thursday into Friday morning (though we bet it continued long after). Editor’s note: we changed names to initials, curated the comments, left the grammar alone and, sadly, couldn’t accomodate the emojis. Enoy!

Baltimore is the worst! Why, to my horror yesterday, I walked to the Pratt Library in Hampden, was greeted by the security guard, got a library card in under 3 minutes and checked out some books. To add insult to injury, the space was clean and bright and the staff were congenial! What is this town coming too?!!! Maybe my question will get the attention it deserves!


— SB1

I know, right? It’s awful! I have these gentlemen who pick up my garbage every week and they smile and wave. What’s with that??


— DW

Yeah- it’s so disturbing to see the action at [Druid Hill Park] - there were kids doing wind sprints on the path to the water tower AND there were some elderly folks doing tai chi near one of the pavilions. And it was only partly sunny! Smh

— SB1

And the food! There are only 350 good restaurants in my neighborhood. Sucks.

— IB

Beautiful, I love Baltimore

— JB

A story like this just might make national headlines.


— JG

Would be nice to show the nation that Baltimore is not just a killing center! There are many good things about this town that folks never hear about. Just dirt, death and abandoned buildings

— SB2

And Neighbors helping neighbors. Shoveling snow for the elderly. Finding lost pets. Giving to the needy. Giving one another advice comfort and prayers Horrors of Horrors when will it ever end.

— GA

Know what else sucks — the flower shows at the Rawlings Conservatory in Druid Hill Park- depressing!!


— SR

You think that’s bad?!? Some guy showed up in front of my house with the smaller version of the recycling bin I’d requested. He had the gall to ask me if I wanted it up on my porch and then picked it up, carried up my steps and put it right in front of my door. He even smiled and winked as he walked away. The nerve!

— SC

[SC] that little Dickens he should be reported. Who does he think he is making your life a little easier. He’s as bad as all those neighbors that got together in Rodgers Forge and put up all those Christmas lights.

— GA

It took a pandemic to achieve this… ?? ( libraries are generally not the best barometer to judge the good or the bad of any city. Libraries and librarians are a special lot, so while I appreciate your tongue in cheek, quality libraries alone, does not a wonderful city make…


— TM

I was born and raised in Baltimore. Work took us away for close to 20 years. Hubby asked what I wanted for my birthday this past July. I said, “I want to go home!” We moved back in December. The sheer joy I feel surrounded by the culture and architecture and lovely food and experiences at home is overwhelming. There is truly no place like home….Baltimore.

— MH

I don’t live in the city but value it so much. I am part of a team that puts on the largest FREE concert series in Baltimore, on the waterfront in Canton and we’re stoked to be back this year. Thank you for your post and sharing good things about the city - so many complaints and polarizing statements. Be a part of the good and spread it!

— KL

I [heart emoji] Baltimore!


— AG

My sentiments exactly. Went to the water department, everyone efficient and courteous in changing billing names. I love to shop at Northeast Market, and I leave in such a good mood due to the vendors and to my fellow shoppers (especially the woman who told off the one grouchy person who insisted she wasn’t being waited on swiftly enough). I think it’s the people of Baltimore that I love so much — but the crime might do me in.

— CM

Tucker Carlson and all who trash our town are trashing [us] as well. Disgusting pandering to build an audience...truth and facts are less important to those like him.

— MF

I’ve lived in a lot of places in this world, some nice and some not so nice. But Baltimore is pretty damn awesome!


— CW

I moved here last August - I had previously lived in South Carolina and California - I’d been here a few times to visit my best friend. I have met and become friends with an amazing community of people - something I wasn’t able to achieve to such a success in SC. I love it here and I am so lucky to call it home.

— HM

I’m with you 2 people came down my street with brooms and swept our block I can’t take it

— MP1

I needed this! I’ll always making a stance for my wonderful city! Thanks everyone! #[heart]BALTIMORE


— SE

Baltimore, actually I like and love it.

— JH

Yes let’s support our beloved neighborhoods of Baltimore !

— MP2

Sweetie, I’m okay with you posting this, but please understand that not every neighborhood is this way. You’re talking about a predominantly white, wealthy neighborhood. While you were having a good time walking through your well funded, clean streets a man was murdered two blocks away from my children in broad daylight. I understand it’s not all bad, but don’t take your sheltered experience and assume it’s that way for every Baltimorean. It’s that kind of thinking that puts inept leaders in City Hall and prevents funding from reaching underserved neighborhoods.


— TG

[TG] in no way did I mean to gloss over the tragedy that unfolds in the city every day. My posts were in direct response to a new-comer who chose to repeatedly offer only surprise (humor?) that problems exist

— SB1

Love the Enoch Pratt Libraries, Baltimore Zoo, Museums, Churches, Neighborhood Architecture, Baltimore Senator Theatre, Hippodrome, Lyric, Ravens and Oriole Stadiums, Train Station, Flower Mart, Sherwood Garden, Inner Harbor, Lexington Market, Rheb’s Candies, Hampden at Christmas Time, Fells Point, Harbor East, Ice Skating Downtown, Train Display at Mt. Washington Fire Station, Ft. McHenry, Parks and other things!

— SP

I’ve had the whole block shoveled by a neighbor. Payback for the times I’ve mowed the block…. I say”Hello” to people and they do the same.


— DB

A few years ago someone posted a Photoshopped billboard: “Welcome to Baltimore! You’ll Get Used to IT!”

— AP

I am so happy to see your post, [SB1], and everyone else’s awesome positive posts. I came here for college in 1999 from NJ, left for 1 year and came back. I’ve been here ever since! Our kids are growing here, my husband grew up here and my parents want to RETIRE HERE! Baltimore is a gem. Yes, there are many, many issues that need work here but this is an amazing city with so much love and life and support for each other and character and charm and oh the food is soooooooo good. I feel lucky to call this home.

— SH

I came here in 1972 for school and told all my friends who were worried about me that I’d stay for two years and then be leaving. Here I am umpty squat years later and I love Baltimore!! Have no desire to live anywhere else.


— JM

Fell in love with Baltimore when I visited it in the early 1960s; moved here in 1966 and never left! In Mt Washington’s neighborhood now since 1976 and don’t want to leave. And speaking of our great libraries: when researching a college paper in the ‘60s, I visited the Library of Congress and learned that they did not possess much of my material, but it was available at Enoch Pratt!

— RP

The dog park was outrageous all the dogs off the leash!! And the people just talking laughing coexisting and have this great out time it was ridiculous

— SL

Thanks for providing a little levity in these difficult times and highlighting one of democracy’s greatest achievements—free public libraries that are safe spaces for people to learn and share.


— RG

If you want to find the best in Baltimore look inside the hearts of the many citizens who live there. Who care and look out for one another. Look at all the hard-working people trying to raise their children with good morals and doing their best every day. Pray for our leaders and vote for those that will make the changes we need to fight crime and help our troubled youth. This is the desire and what is in the hearts of so many good people living in Baltimore. What the haters should know is that the true beauty of Baltimore lies in it’s people’s hearts. Who are keeping hope and love alive being positive working hard and uplifting one another daily. We are a people praying for God to bless and heal our land.

— GA

A town of great contrast, that’s for sure. Here you may see the best and the worst. Can only hope to see better and better and better :-)

— GL

Oh, and the cherry blossoms all over the city in the spring? It’s a hazard! All that beauty is distracting to drivers!


— ST

Thank you all! I love my city and I get so tired of having to defend it to people that don’t live here or even spend any time here! This thread right here is why I’m still a city resident!

— RO

WE have been through a lot but Baltimore is a wonderful place to live, keep hope alive. If we all keep caring change will come.

— CG

I wish more people out of Baltimore could see this post! [Editor’s note: You’re welcome, OS]


— OS