Schaller's biased view of Fox News

His claim the channel didn't report the causes of the riots in Baltimore is simply untrue.

Regarding commentor Thomas F. Schaller's recent op-ed "Why Baltimore burns for Freddie Gray" (April 28), Mr. Schaller's blindingly obvious political bias must also blind his actual vision.

He claims "I've watched Fox News cover the story for hours at a clip without delving into the police-custody death that lead to the protests. They're too busy showing endless loops of cars burning, store lootings, attacks on law enforcement officials and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake's foolhardy comment about providing space for protesters to 'destroy.'"

This statement is simply untrue. I just happened to DVR the FOX coverage from the evening of April 27, from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m., and Sheapard Smih discussed the Freddie Gray incident several times during that hour.

I also watched the coverage throughout the night and I remember the reporters discussing the Freddie Gray incident several times.

Maybe Mr. Schaller might want to start teaching a course on political bias instead of political science.

Randi Hughes, Edgewood

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