It is after the primary election, now we need to prepare for the general election. Only 20 percent of registered voters exercised their freedom to vote. Statewide, Democratic voters outnumber Republicans 2-to-1; in Baltimore City, the ratio is 9-to-1. As a Baltimore resident for the past 25 years, I have watched the same Democratic politicians get re-elected every election. What have they accomplished to earn such loyalty?

The current Democratic leadership stood by while our electric rates rose triple-fold, failed to make our neighborhoods safer and botched our Maryland health care website, to name a few failures. Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown spent more than $100 million of our tax dollars on a failed health insurance exchange, and now he wants to run our state.


Here are some of the tax increases passed by the O'Malley/Brown administration: gas tax increase, sales tax increase of 20 percent, an alcohol sales tax increase to 9 percent, a new rain tax, flush tax, higher tolls, a hospital tax, a vehicle title tax increase, and speed cameras. These new taxes cost Marylanders $9.5 billion.

In addition to tax increases, social issues have changed our way of life here. Besides the medical marijuana bill, Maryland has changed the definition of marriage with the same sex marriage bill and allowed males to enter the ladies locker room and restroom with the "bathroom bill." Our local Democratic politicians have voted in support of these new laws.

The policies of the Democrat-dominated Maryland legislature have had major negative consequences for the state. There is high unemployment and loss of small businesses; local retail shops all over the state are closing. Some major businesses and manufacturers are considering leaving, and Baltimore no longer has a Fortune 500 company. The O'Malley/Brown administration's millionaire tax surcharge caused many to flee to other states with no income tax, resulting in less revenue for the state.

It is time to see just how the Democratic Party has failed our state. Democratic politicians believe voters will faithfully support them. Yet Marylanders keep voting for the same people who are responsible for making it difficult to make ends meet and to live the American dream. We need to understand that politicians work for us, the taxpayers. They are not owed re-election term after term.

The best way to assure the Democratic Party will start to answer to the citizens' needs is to vote them out for their absolute failures. It is time to give Republicans a chance to make living in this state more affordable and safer.

Ruth Goetz

The writer is a member of the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee.


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