Prayer and the 'God particle' [Letter]

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It's an interesting coincidence that two articles having to do with the First Amendment's freedom of religion clause recently appeared in The Sun.

The simpler one was about a lady complaining her freedom of religion was being violated by county officials offering prayers before their meetings ("As Carroll debates prayer, founding fathers' faith comes into focus," March 29).


The somewhat more complicated article was about a physicist's finding of a particle smaller than the smallest one known to exist since the 1960s ("Documentary follows 'Particle Fever' surrounding Higgs boson discovery," March 19).

Perhaps the prayer complaint can be solved by the now traditional "moment of silence." But pity the poor particle physicist who claims to have found the "God particle." He has bitten off more than he can chew.


The "God particle" is a contradiction. A particle of any size is still a material thing, but God is a spiritual being.

Al Funk, Catonsville


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