Think the Red Line is expensive? What about all those cars?

Think the Red Line is expensive? What about cars?

Ben Groff very articulately expressed many of the same sentiments I have about the Red Line and transit in general ("Why killing the Red Line was a mistake," Aug. 25). His emphasis on the negative aspects on car-based transportation is especially significant. I would add that the apparent convenience and feeling of self-reliance that our cars provide comes with enormous costs that may not be apparent to everyone.

The cost has been apparent to some of us for a considerable time, is becoming apparent to others only recently, and may not be ever apparent to others.

But we all pay for it. Fortunately, many in the upcoming generation do understand it, and may eventually turn the tide.

Transit lines are enormously expensive; so is the system of roads for cars. Perhaps some of us understand that "improving" the roads does not necessarily result in an improvement, when you consider all the consequences.

David Kantor, Baltimore

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