We have grown accustomed to a winning, Super Bowl contending team in Baltimore. Since the Ravens suffered a devastating loss last week, however, eliminating them from post-season play, panic has taken over ("When you think about it, the Ravens really overachieved in 2013," Jan. 2).

Most fans are blaming Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, and some are even calling for John Harbaugh to lose his job. It is a shame that everything that the team has built over the past six year can be thrown away by its fans, not its players.


In five of the last six seasons, the Ravens have won a playoff game. They made the AFC championship three of those times and even won a Super Bowl less than a year ago.

As hard as this season was to watch for fans, the team never gave up and battled back from a 4-6 start (with a brand new ball club) to go 8-8, ensuring against a losing season despite its struggles.

But after the team stalled in the last two games and fell short of post-season play, Ravens fans have thrown Mr. Flacco under the bus — again.

Sure, he threw 20 interceptions in a season following a huge contract and a Super Bowl MVP. But he is hardly the biggest scapegoat. Mr. Flacco was sacked a career high number of times, had no running game to bail him out, a bum knee and rarely enough time to set his feet on a single pass.

Mr. Flacco threw the ball a lot this year and despite throwing a career high in interceptions, gave his team a shot to win. He has endured countless painful hits and never once flinched. He stood tall in the pocket knowing that if he didn't throw the ball into tight coverage, and do so quickly, his team might not ever move the football.

Sure, the other team ended up on the receiving end of the ball too many times, but Mr. Flacco gave the Ravens a chance to win football games. Under these circumstances, winning half those games isn't bad.

Logan McGuire


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