City councilman's first order of business? Condemning Donald Trump

If Councilman Ryan Dorsey hates Donald Trump so much, he should swear off federal aid for Baltimore.

The exchange between new Mayor Catherine Pugh and Gov. Larry Hogan during Ms. Pugh's inauguration made me feel hopeful for Baltimore's future ("Catherine Pugh sworn in as Baltimore's 50th mayor," Dec. 6). As a Republican, I was glad to see the enthusiasm toward an effective working relationship between the two politicians. The hope I had was sharply contrasted by my disappointment upon hearing of the first City Council resolution being proposed by new Councilman Ryan Dorsey.

At the Baltimore City Council meeting on Dec. 8, Mr. Dorsey plans to introduce a resolution to condemn President-elect Donald Trump. The resolution is:

"For the purpose of opposing and condemning divisive and scapegoating rhetoric, rooted in hate and prejudice, and used, approved of, or encouraged by President-elect Donald Trump targeting historically disenfranchised, marginalized, and oppressed groups."

A newly elected Baltimore councilman proposing a resolution to condemn an incoming president of the United States seems a bit asinine to me. Does he think the opinions of the "deplorable" 25,205 Baltimore citizens who voted for Mr. Trump (including the 1,902 constituents in Mr. Dorsey's 3rd district) don't matter? I'm sure I'm like most Baltimore citizens when I say I'd like to see local politicians put their grief over Hillary Clinton's loss aside and get down to business improving life in Baltimore for everyone. Bombast like Councilman Dorsey's will solve nothing. What a terrible way to start off a term as a Baltimore councilman. I hope 3rd District residents see actual constructive legislation from him in the future.

Councilman Dorsey should take a lesson from Mayor Pugh. As reported in your Dec. 6 article, she pledged at her inauguration to "make Baltimore great again" and told Governor Hogan that she'd like to travel with him to Washington to seek federal assistance from the Trump administration for Baltimore's infrastructure. When she gets there, I wonder if she will wait to condemn Trump's "divisive and scapegoating rhetoric, rooted in hate and prejudice" until after she works the infrastructure deal. She would be putting the needs of Baltimore before her personal feelings about the less-polished comments Mr. Trump has made in the past, which is what Baltimore needs right now.

If Councilman Dorsey were really serious about his opposition to Trump, he should propose a bill in the City Council refusing any federal funds granted to Baltimore. He should show he really cares about "historically disenfranchised, marginalized and oppressed groups" by not letting a man Mr. Dorsey feels is hateful and prejudiced target our city with federal assistance. Somehow I have a feeling that bill would fail.

Charlene Cowan, Baltimore

The writer is a member of the Baltimore City Republican Central Committee.

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