Readers Respond

Planned Parenthood doesn't need federal money

The Sun's editors opine that taxpayers should fund Planned Parenthood ("The GOP's never-ending war on women," Aug. 4). Here are just a few reasons Planned Parenthood does not deserve these hard-earned taxpayer dollars:

1) Planned Parenthood is the leader in the abortion industry, performing over 327,000 abortions annually.


2) Per recent evidence, Planned Parenthood traffics in baby body parts and may be violating federal law. An investigation is needed.

3) A federal audit found that Planned Parenthood has overbilled for services.


4) In 2013 Planned Parenthood settled a billing fraud suit with Texas for $4.3 million.

5) According to IRS form 990 the annual salary of Planned Parenthood's CEO is close to half a million dollars.

6) Eleven executives with Planned Parenthood have salaries over $200,000. Four have salaries over $300,000, per the 2013 form 990.

7) According to the same form 990, Planned Parenthood has total revenue of over $179,000,000 while total expenses are about $148,000,000. Net assets are over $278,000,000.

Planned Parenthood has more than enough money without coercing donations from taxpayers. If The Sun's editors want to support this organization, they are free to make their donations, however hard-working citizens should not have their tax dollars funneled to this rapacious outfit.

Lisa Basarab, Baltimore