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Voter ID no civil rights threat

Leonard Pitts Jr. worked himself so much into a frenzy in his recent column that he neglected to check with the state where his employer is located ("Black America silent on voting-rights threat," July 15).

Florida, which has identified dozens of dead people, dead pets and minors on the voting rolls, has joined many other states that have started to tighten up voter registration laws. This includes a dead black Lab in Seattle, "Scampers" the cat in Virginia, and complaints in the state of Washington from people whose dead relatives have been placed on the rolls.

To pull out the race card in this debate is an insult to all Americans who abide by the rules.

Mr. Pitts should have accompanied my wife and me on a recent shopping trip. We were asked, along with every other white, black, Hispanic and Asian shopper, to produce photo ID when paying with a credit card at Sam's Club, Walmart,Kohl's and Lowe's. Nary was a complaint uttered by either shopper or store employee. No one felt that their rights were being tampered with, and this was just to buy paper towels and toilet paper.

With this important upcoming election it is imperative that everyone who is eligible cast their vote, and those that are dead, nonhuman or illegal be removed from the rolls.

John Rutkowski, Rock Hall

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