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Past administrations should be held accountable for Baltimore's infrastructure woes, rising water bills

The cries from the citizens of Baltimore are beginning to reach a fever pitch. Not only do they need armed guards to sit on their porches, but now they have to pay more to be able to live in “harm city” if they want water. Why is this? Because we are told by authorities that care of the water infrastructure was not responsibly done by previous administrations (“Baltimore water rates will increase 30 percent in next three years,” Jan. 9)! No surprise. They had an agenda where monies went to the political agenda of the Democratic party.

The people of the city should get a good lawyer and sue the Maryland Democratic Party and previous mayors, especially Martin O'Malley, for not doing their job on behalf of the citizens. In fact, citizens of Democratic-run cities all over the country should sue the party for the crime, high water rates, poor roads, poor schools, etc.

Rev. Michael T. Buttner, Bel Air

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