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It's finally fun again to be an Orioles fan [Letter]

I have to admit that, because of the recent successes of our beloved Orioles, my stance on majority owner Peter G. Angelos has softened considerably ("The Buck starts here," Oct. 9).

Over the years I have had the good fortune of being printed often in The Sun. My letters to the editor had their start years ago when The Sun still printed sports letters. My favorite two targets were Mr. Angelos, and the Ravens' coach, Brian Billick.


I felt Mr. Billick was way too white collar (pompous, if you will) for a city like "blue collar to the core" Baltimore. Mr. Angelos was in my cross hairs often because he seemingly lacked the patience to let his baseball people do their jobs. It seemed there were way too many hourly workers in the Orioles' front office. Does anyone remember the stumbling, bumbling GM Syd Thrift?

Since the club hired Dan Duquette's predecessor Andy MacPhail, I have come, grudgingly at times, to appreciate Mr. Angelos. There has never been a doubt about his Baltimore affinity. He now has what I believe is a great chemistry with director of baseball operations Dan Duquette and manager Buck Showalter. Simply put, these gentlemen are winners.


Once again it is a great, giddy time to be a Baltimore sports fan. Thank you, Mr. Angelos for finding the proper pieces to the Baltimore baseball puzzle.

Thank you as well for your patience. Your team is in position to perhaps surmount the highest baseball pinnacle, and Baltimore baseball is just so damn fun again.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham


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