O'Malley blasts Trump over email leak

For a brief interlude it appeared we might not again be assaulted by the insipid lies and pronouncements of former Gov. Martin O'Malley. Alas, it was not to be.

His latest flight of lunacy, in which he suggests Donald Trump somehow colluded with Russian hackers to expose biases at the DNC just prior to the start of the Democratic National Convention, is reminiscent of the dreck he espoused when he was mayor of Baltimore and governor of Maryland ("Martin O'Malley hits Donald Trump's 'American nightmare,'" July 27).


How can we forget Mr. O'Malley's manipulations of Baltimore's crime statistics to make it look like his draconian police tactics were curtailing the city's crime rate?

Then there is his penchant for making outrageous charges and false allegations. He once accused former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. of contributing to the BP oil spill catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico because Mr. Ehrlich had once worked for a law firm with oil company clients.

Mr. O'Malley's closing his eyes to facts, or just plain ignorance of them, is again in evidence. During his stint as mayor I recall a controversy over the potential sale of Baltimore port management to DPW, a state-owned company in the United Arab Emirates.

There was no need to fear any potential for compromising port security because it was the xenophobic Mr. O'Malley who came to rescue, saying "just as Baltimore citizens fought at Fort McHenry against foreign control" of the port, he would not allow foreign control of the port now.

However, management of the port was already owned by P&O (a British firm), and yes it was the British that were denied at Fort McHenry. This little faux pas took place at a time Mr. O'Malley was touting himself as an expert on the War of 1812.

Now in similar fashion, Mr. O'Malley seems to have missed an important reality regarding his Russian plot hypothesis — namely, who is the obvious Commie in the room?

Would the Russians want to favor someone whose behavior they have less chance of predicting than anyone since Ronald Reagan; or would they prefer a more committed, reliable cohort such as Comrade Bernie, whose communist bona fides are well documented?

Dennis Peltz, Perry Hall