I was not surprised that die hard Democrat Mel Mintz is supporting the re-election of President Obama ("Romney is this year's Dewey," Sept. 5), but the reasons he gives for his support are amusing. He must be living in some other country.

First, he correctly states that Osama bin Laden is dead and GM is doing well. The military and intelligence people found this terrorist and killed him. All this president did was give the OK. Any rational American would have done the same. General Motors is still alive today only because the taxpayer has given the company billions of dollars of borrowed money. The government admits that $25 billion will never get paid back. That debt will fall back on all Americans, now and in the future.


Does Mr. Mintz also think increasing the national debt by over $5 trillion in only four years is good for Americans?

The female members of Congress pushed the Lilly Ledbetter law. Mr. Obama had nothing to do with it's passing.

Has the good Democrat been to the gas station or food store recently? He cannot be serious about his claim that inflation is less, or that unemployment is better. Try telling that to over 23 million people who are unemployed or under-employed and the middle class families that have seen their income drop and prices rise.

I see nothing wrong with giving everyone health insurance, but the fact remains that it will be the taxpayer, the hospitals and the doctors who will bear this burden. The reimbursement to doctors and hospitals to cover these people will decline. Fewer doctors and hospitals will see these patients. What good is having insurance if you do not have anywhere to go when you are sick?

Finally, Mr. Mintz cites low interest rates and a rising stock market. These conditions are present only because the government has artificially manipulated the economy. The stock market only reacts to some person making a news statement, not by any sound financial principles, and the Federal Reserve has lowed interest rates, making a return on your savings impossible.

These are the results of this presidency, Mr. Mintz, and basing your voting choice on them is insane.

H. Williams, Baltimore