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DiCara can't be trusted

Which Baltimore County Council candidate would be best for Dundalk?

I have repeatedly written about the fact that our present elected officials have not concerned themselves with what the residents of Dundalk want and need ("Dundalk voters: Ignore party in the County Council election," Oct. 13). Kevin Kamenetz has offered to sell the North Point Government Center not because it would benefit us but rather to further his own agenda. We need the 12th precinct police department and all the services at the government center as well as the open space for residents. We do not need another shopping center or gasoline station.

Today I received an ad from "Citizens for a Better Maryland" slate depicting Todd Crandell as a candidate who does not pay his taxes. Early in the campaign, Mr. Crandell made it very clear that due to economic circumstances he was in arrears and is paying the IRS. Mr. Crandell did not lie. Joe DiCara does lie. One of his lies was his claim of earning a master's degree when he did not. Additionally, Mr. DiCara was fired from Baltimore County in 1992 amid questions about a potential conflict of interest.

I live next to the government center and I have attended most all of the meetings and sign waved three times a week for a candidate who is honest and will work diligently to reduce the strain on small business owners and encourage new businesses to come to our area. Mr. Crandell's opponent, on the other hand, stated at the North Point Library, "I don't know why we keep talking about the government center. It's already been sold."

On Oct. 15, at the Edgemere Volunteer Fire Department Hall, it was a completely different story. Mr. DiCara said he wants to do everything to help the residents in Dundalk. Now, he doesn't like the sale of the government center. Mr. DiCara worked at North Point from 1974 until 1980. He said he will continue to listen to what we want and he now opposes the sale. He said he is not for moving the police station. This is a complete about face. Mr. DiCara said he is going to answer the phone at 8 a.m. and take care of any problem that arises.

At a debate, even when Joe DiCara lied, Todd Crandell never spoke to him negatively. Todd is not only honest but a gentleman.

Frances C. Martino, Dundalk

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