Last December, Baltimore County sold the North Point Government Center to a private developer for $2.1 million even though the property was appraised at $8.8 million ("Plans tweaked for North Point redevelopment; restaurant tenants under negotiations," Aug. 19).

The community met with the developer April 10, and an overwhelming majority of those in attendance expressed their extreme displeasure with the plan. A representative of the developer, Vanguard, stated several times that he would hold numerous meetings with residents shortly after that date. It is now nearly four months later and no meetings have taken place. Nor has Vanguard's team become, as they once promised, our "new best friends."


Supposedly, the sale is contingent on a planned unit development agreement that would devote 15 acres to commercial redevelopment and 12.4 acres to the recreational aspects of the site, in agreement with the local community. In their latest plan, however, Vanguard once again included an amphitheater deemed incompatible with the neighborhood, as well as more than 1,000 parking spaces. It even expanded the project to include Grange Elementary School property.

Recently, a suggestion was made by the county to compromise a portion of the North Point property for a lighted turf field near Merritt Point Park. This questionable move would not serve the recreation needs of the Eastfield-Stanbrook community, the neighborhood surrounding North Point Government Center Park. It would also not meet one of Dundalk's priority recreation needs. Serious questions should be raised about the use of public funds.

Not only have we received absolutely no cooperation from Vanguard, we have also not received any cooperation from County Councilman John A. Olszewski Sr. and County Executive Kevin Kamenetz's administration. If the Vanguard "Merritt Pavilion" PUD is approved, irreplaceable Baltimore County parkland will be lost and Precinct 12 will relocate to the edge of Baltimore City. Our elected officials are not working to improve Dundalk's quality of life. They are serving the developer.

How can this possibly be deemed a legitimate PUD process?

Bob Staab, Dundalk

The writer is a former director of the Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks.


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